Universal Manual Drinking Water Pump, Fits Any Bottle, Excluding Glass bottle


Universal Manual Drinking Water Pump, Fits Any Bottle, Excluding Glass bottle

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  • This pump will fit any water bottle, 2 gallons through 6 gallons, screw-top or crown-top, except glass bottles, Primo brand bottles, and Culligan 5-gallon bottles
  • Original TERAPUMP Brand Manual Water Pump. Don’t be fooled by lesser quality imitations made in China
  • Unique fastener reduces the amount of germs that could contaminate your water
  • Adjustable N Bendable Tubes system helps pump to adapt to each size and also allows you to completely empty the bottle
  • Discharge Spout with a sanitary cap to keep unwanted germs away, no batteries required. Uses vacuum action to dispense as quickly or a slowly as you like
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TERA PUMP has been pumping innovation into liquid siphoning for years! Helping eliminate the lifting of large, heavy, gas cans, water bottles and spilling wasted fuel are things of the past with our products. Whether you are in the field, farm, shop, garage, or at home TERA PUMP products will help you save time and money!

Applicable Liquids: Drinking Water Only!

  • Delivery Volume: 1 Gallon per Minute
  • Power: Piston Action
  • Depth Adjustable: 37cm to 50cm (14.6in to 19.7in)


  • BPA-Free: Safe for drinking water, made of high quality food grade plastic
  • Fits Various Bottles: Use for Screw-top or Crown-top Bottles (2 to 6 gallon bottles)
  • Flexibility: Adjustable N Bendable tube system
  • Hygiene: Includes Discharge spout with sanitary cap / New fastener design keep all the working parts inside

Adjustable Depth: 3 upper supply tubes for different bottle sizes

  • Large: For most 5-6 gallon bottles (25cm /9.75 in)
  • Medium: For most 3 gallon bottles (20cm /7.84 in)
  • Small: For most 2-3 gallon bottles (12cm /4.72 in)

Assembly Instructions

  1. Clean outside of the pump with a soft cloth and mild detergents
  2. Find out the correct length of the upper supply tube. Connect the lower supply tube other upper tube with the joint and insert them in to the body hole tightly.
  3. Insert pump into the bottle. Push the pump onto the neck of the bottle and turn clockwise
  4. Snap the discharge spout into the pump nozzle
  5. Press the head to start water flow
  6. When not in use, cover the end of discharge spout with the lock-tab lid which hand from the spout
  7. Clean the intake tube and discharge spout inside with the included brush


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